AirForm® Inflatable Ankle Stirrup

AirForm® Inflatable Ankle Stirrup

Item No. PN60109

The AirForm® Inflatable Ankle Stirrup is designed to provide medial/lateral support, providing great fit for increased comfort and compression for mild to moderate ankle pain.

  • Standard
  • Adult
  • Left
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Key Features

  • INFLATABLE LINERS - Adjustable air liners provide compression and support.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN - Constructed with lightweight plastic shells on either side, making the brace easy to fit.
  • ADJUSTABLE PIVOT HEEL STRAP - Adjustable strap to accommodate range of ankle width.
  • Available in Adult, Universal size.

Product Description

The AirForm Inflatable Ankle Stirrup is designed to restrict ankle movement with lightweight plastic shells and inflatable pad to provide comfort and compression

General Information


  • Ankle


  • L4350


  • - Mild to moderate ankle sprains
  • - Chronic ankle instability
  • - Post-cast and post walker support
  • - Ankle injury rehabilitation and/or post-surgical use