AirForm® Pre-inflated Ankle Stirrup

AirForm® Pre-inflated Ankle Stirrup

Item No. PN60110

The AirForm® Preinflated Ankle Stirrup has hassle-free pre-inflated liners that provide comfort and compression for mild to moderate ankle pain.

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  • Adult
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Key Features

  • PRE-SET LINERS - Pre-Inflated pulsating air liners provide compression for support.
  • SIMPLE DESIGN - Constructed with lightweight plastic shells on either side, making the brace easy to fit.
  • PIVOT HEEL STRAP - Move the strap where it’s needed the most to help increase comfort.
  • Available in Adult, Universal size.

Product Description

The AirForm Preinflated Ankle Stirrup is designed to restrict ankle movement with lightweight plastic shells and pre-inflated pad to provide comfort and compression

General Information


  • Ankle


  • L4350


  • - Mild to moderate ankle sprains
  • - Chronic ankle instability
  • - Post-cast and post walker support
  • - Ankle injury rehabilitation and/or post-surgical use