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For use with Rebound Foot-Up® - replacement screws.

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For use with Rebound Foot-Up® - attachment kit.

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The Rebound Foot-Up® Foot Wrap connects to the Rebound Foot-Up and allows the product to be worn at home without footwear. The Shoeless wrap fits around arch of the foot and clips to the Rebound Foot-Up ankle cuff. Please note: This product does not include the ankle cuff and therefore should only be ordered in conjunction with the Rebound Foot-Up® for Drop Foot.

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The Foot-Up® Plastic Insert allows you to easily clip on/out of shoes and/or the Foot-Up shoeless wrap when wearing sandals or slippers.

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The Foot-Up® Shoeless Wrap accessory allows the foot-up orthosis to be used without a shoe. It wraps around the foot and connects to the ankle piece, allowing you to regain mobility by preventing the foot from dropping or slapping. This shoeless accessory is easy to use and made of comfortable materials for long periods of use.

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