Formfit® Ankle Stirrups
Formfit® Ankle Stirrups
Formfit® Ankle Stirrups
Formfit® Ankle Stirrups
Formfit® Ankle Stirrups
Formfit® Ankle Stirrups
Formfit® Ankle Stirrups
Formfit® Ankle Stirrups
Formfit® Ankle Stirrups

Formfit® Ankle Stirrups

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$31.99 - $34.99

A tailored solution to comfortably support your ankle, helping you get back on your feet.

  • Foam
  • Air
  • Gel
  • Adult
  • Universal

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Key Features

  • UNIVERSAL SHELL - Carefully crafted to fit both right and left ankles
  • COMFORTABLE - Soft Flex-Edge™ overmold provides increased comfort
  • ADJUSTABLE - Heel strap is adjustable to optimize fit and comfort
  • SLIP-RESISTANT - Has slip-resistant silicone dots help to reduce slipping and stabilize the foot inside of shoe
  • STABLE - Two bi-directional hook and loop straps ensure a secure and stable fit
  • Available with inflatable, foam, and gel liners to suit your needs
  • Required Measurement: Height above 5'3" (160 cm)

Product Description

Formfit® Ankle Stirrups are lightweight and sturdy. Whether worn to accommodate an acute injury, chronic instability, or post cast healing, Formfit® Ankle Stirrups stabilize injured ankles by restricting the inversion/eversion motion. The universal design has been carefully engineered to accommodate the malleoli on both sides and ensures a great, comfortable fit. The slip resistant heel strap can be adjusted to accommodate most ankles. Our signature Flex-Edge™ overmold surrounds the stirrup’s outer shell protecting patient’s skin from any hard edges, further adding to a comfortable fit. The universal stirrup design is available with three different liner options: inflatable air, gel, or foam, offering each patient a solution that best fits their needs.

General Information


  • Ankle


  • L4350

Product Family:

  • Formfit


  • Situations requiring inversion/eversion restriction. These may include:
  • - Mild to severe ankle sprains
  • - Chronic ankle instability
  • - Post-cast and post walker support
  • - Ankle injury rehabilitation and/or post-surgical use


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Churye T. the 9/13/21 following an order from the 7/1/21


I had not worn dress shoes in more than 4 years without suffering severe pain in my right ankle. But thanks to your company I was partying and dancing at a black tie event at a resort 4 days ago. I have not felt any ankle pain since I started using the Formfit Ankle Stirrups.

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