Formfit® Honeycomb Ankle Stirrup

Formfit® Honeycomb Ankle Stirrup

Item No. PN60078

The Formfit® Honeycomb Ankle Stirrup is a strong, durable ankle brace well-suited for ankle rehabilitation and stabilization.

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Key Features

  • PATENTED 3-DIMENSIONAL MOLDED PADS - The signature ergonomic design reduces bulk and conforms to the ankle shape for more comfort and consistent wear.
  • DURABLE HONEYCOMB DESIGN - The thermo plastic elastomers in the stirrups can withstand demanding environments such as water or mud.
  • FLEX-EDGES - Designed to restrict ankle movement with lightweight plastic shells.
  • Sizing is universal, one-size fits all.

Product Description

Excellent bulk reduction through the use of injection molding of thermo plastic elastomers (TPE). We are the only manufacturer utilizing this technology in stirrups. The honeycomb stirrup is virtually indestructible in demanding environments such as, water, mud, or the playing field.

General Information


  • Ankle


  • L4350

Product Family:

  • Formfit


  • Situations requiring inversion/eversion restriction. These may include:
  • - Mild to moderate ankle sprains
  • - Chronic ankle instability
  • - Post-cast and post walker support
  • - Ankle injury rehabilitation and/or post-surgical use