Miami J®
Miami J®
Miami J®
Miami J®
Miami J®
Miami J®
Miami J®
Miami J®

Miami J®

Item No. PN60009
$64.99 - $79.99

Miami J is a scientifically proven cervical collar with superior immobilization for effective rehabilitation.

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Key Features

  • ANTIBACTERIAL PADDING - Sorbatex™ padding is antibacterial that inhibits microbial growth, enhancing comfort, and helping assure patient compliance.
  • COMFORTABLE - Comfort adjustment buttons for occiput and sternal pad is removable when supine, in other lying positions, and swallowing.
  • X-ray and CT lucent. MR safe.
  • Collar sets include one additional set of replacement pads.

Product Description

Known as the superior c-spine immobilizer through multiple independent studies, the Miami J’s patented design meets the specialized needs of individuals with cervical injuries. Bioengineered to minimize pressure points in key known areas: Chin, occiput, trapezius, and clavicle. Miami J offers features that enhance compliance, while providing immobilization, inhibition of skin deterioration, and patient comfort.

General Information


  • Neck


  • L0174

Product Family:

  • Rebound


  • Situations requiring gross immobilization of the cervical spine, these may include:
  • - Pre- and post c-spine surgery or c-spine precaution for trauma patients
  • - Motor neurone disease
  • - RA and OA cervical spine
  • - Cervical spondylitis and spondylosis