Padded Strap Shoulder Immobilizer

Padded Strap Shoulder Immobilizer

Item No. PN60084

The Padded Strap Shoulder Immobilizer is a supportive brace that provides immobilization of the shoulder joint after injury.

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Key Features

  • PADDED STRAPS - The padded, pressure-sensitive straps improve comfort for extended wear.
  • PADDED WAIST STRAP - A comfortable strap encircles the waist to restrict the movement of the injured shoulder.
  • DEEP POCKET DESIGN - Generous size envelope supports entire area and provides maximum comfort.
  • HOOK & LOOP CLOSURE - Easy to adjust closures make it simple to apply and remove when needed.

Product Description

The Padded Strap Shoulder Immobilizer offers immobilization and support of the shoulder

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