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Paradigm® is a low-profile carbon fiber brace that provides firm control to address mild to severe ligament instability or laxity, ligament deficiency or ligament sprains.

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Key Features

  • HIGH IMPACT TRIAX® CARBON FIBER - Patented frame is engineered to be ultra-light and compact, while providing firm control, support and durability.
  • POLYCENTRIC HINGES - Designed with the goal of delivering durability.
  • ADJUSTABLE TIBIAL STRAP - The adjustable strap captures the tibia (shinbone) and allows adjustments in hinge depth for a more customized and comfortable fit.
  • CONTOURED DESIGN - Ergonomically designed to provide an aesthetic, ultra-slim fit enabling you to wear under clothing.

Product Description

The flared and contoured medial thigh shell enhances patient comfort while the calf shell features an Adjustable Tibial Strap that captures the tibia. A carbon fiber frame with flexible subshell assembly provides firm control, while accommodating individual variations in leg shape. Finally, polycentric hinges offer excellent structural soundness and durability. Recommended for low to medium contact / impact.

General Information


  • Knee


  • L1845
  • L1852


  • - ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities
  • - Protection and stabilization of surgical grafts
  • - Mild to severe ligament instability or laxity, ligament deficiency, or ligament sprains
  • - Protection and stabilization of ligaments after surgical repair or reconstruction


  • Extension Stop Kits
  • Strap and Pad Kit
  • Liner kit