Össur Rebound Braces

Ankle and foot injuries can make it difficult to do the activities you love and can even impact your day-to-day mobility. Össur Rebound braces can help. Choose from a variety of ankle and foot braces that provide dynamic and lightweight solutions for people recovering from injuries.

Rebound® Ankle Brace
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Rebound® Air Walker View Details

Rebound Air Walker closed-toe walker boot is designed for improved comfort, so you can walk confidently while you heal.

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Rebound Foot-Up® View Details

A lightweight ankle/foot brace designed to support drop-foot or provide dorsiflexion(ability to flex the foot upwards) assistance during swing phase.

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Rebound® Air Walker LT View Details

Rebound® Air Walker Low Top is designed to provide added protection, superior compression, improved comfort and, ultimately, successful patient outcomes.

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$70.80 - $80.90

Rebound® Ankle Brace offers stability and is perfect for transitioning out of a walker boot.

Rebound Foot-Up® Foot Wrap View Details

The Rebound Foot-Up® Foot Wrap connects to the Rebound Foot-Up and allows the product to be worn at home without footwear. The Shoeless wrap fits around arch of the foot and clips to the Rebound Foot-Up ankle cuff. Please note: This product does not include the ankle cuff and therefore should only be ordered in conjunction with the Rebound Foot-Up® for Drop Foot.

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$54.80 - $141.00

Rebound® Knee braces are high-quality, highly breathable and feature the unique Össur Cooltech™ technology that dries quickly.

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