Techform® Ortho-Roll

Techform® Ortho-Roll

Item No. PN60429
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The Techform® Ortho-Roll is a casting material plus padding for comfortable splints and casts. The padding repels moisture and includes straps for temporary positioning.

  • 6 inches by 15 ft (15.2 cm by 4.6 m)
  • 5 inches by 15 ft (12.7 cm by 4.6 m)
  • 4 inches by 15 ft (10.2 cm by 4.6 m)
  • 3 inches by 15 ft (7.6 cm by 4.6 m)
  • 2 inches by 15 ft (5.1 cm by 4.6 m)
  • 1 inch by 15 ft (2.5 cm by 4.6 m)

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Key Features

  • PATENTED QUICKDRY MATERIAL - Technologically developed material retains less moisture and dries quickly for a more secure and rapid application.
  • REDUCED IRRITATION - Material does not contain natural rubber latex, which helps prevent irritation due to latex allergies or insensitivities.
  • 15' roll in dispenser box with special closure to maintain freshness of product.

Product Description

Developed in collaboration with orthopaedic professionals, Techform Ortho-Roll represents the first major breakthrough in orthopaedic splinting technology in decades. In focus groups, Techform Ortho-Roll rated from “Good” to “Excellent” in every key category, including handling, conformability, padding, water retention, dispensing method, ease-of-use, overall appearance, and overall satisfaction. Techform Ortho-Roll simply performs better.

General Information


  • Arm,Leg


  • - Immobilisation


  • Splinting guide poster


  • Positioning strap (12 pack)
  • Closure rod